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The Best Beer Glasses and Mugs Today

What are the best beer glasses and  mugs?

You would have to agree that technology is changing everything you do in life and drinking beer is not the exception.

 Jetc Logistics has created cutting edge a cutting beer mug with a brand new technology which any beer enthusiast will love and that will enhance the experience of tasting that delicious beer.

Let me explain how they are different.

For example, Who does not really like a beer cold as opposed to warm?

Years ago, people used to put beer in a glass or drank it straight from a bottle. After some time, the beer started to get warm. Therefore, in most cases,  beer has been consumed chilled at the beginning and warmer at he end.

 Another common issue was beer oxidation. The moment a beer is open, air will get in touch with it and will start to forfeit its attributes extremely fast.

 Likewise under controlled circumstances, whenever you leave a beer open inside of the refrigerator, moments later, it will not be the same anymore.Which means your beer is typically untainted and pure at the start and oxidized or semi-oxidized towards the end.

Check this video:

The Advanced Generation Beer Mugs: Easy & Cool can preserve your beer cool for up to fifteen hours without need of energy.

Thanks to a highly effective insulating system which ensures the highest possible temperature retention.

Watch this:

They also have an automatic pressurization mechanism. The beer remains within a double stainless-steel wall, secured inside through a vacuum mechanism that inhibits the air from coming within the tumbler, minimizing the possibilities of beer oxidation.

They maintain the high quality of the beer all the time. Every time you pour a beer with an Easy and Cool mug, it’s the same as drinking the beer right coming from its source for the first time all the way until the last sip.

However there are much more advantages: In the same manner air will not come inside unless you activate the pressurization mechanism to drink out of the beer glass, water can’t get in by accident.

Pressurization Mechanism

Therefore you can utilize these  mugs in a pool, jacuzzi,beach, etc; because even when you submerge them, the water won’t come inside and the beer will stay intact.

In addition they can float even if completely loaded, so if they are dropped accidentally when fishing or on a sail boat, you may retrieve them.

Enjoy their New Commercial The Best Mug:

They can be very resistant. They are made from stainless-steel which will make them durable and quite hard to destroy.

Think what could happen if you were drinking  beer right from the bottle or through a beer glass and by accident you drop it?  It would be a total wreck!

Not only you would certainly have to clean the place, get all the glass pieces at stake of hurting yourself or step on them by accident. But you will also lose your delightful beer in that scenario.

These mugs have an anti-leakage system. Which means that unless you push a switch the beer will never get out, therefore say bye to accidental spills. That makes them great for indoor use.

Beer will not spill over important documents, electronic devices such as cell phones, iPads, laptops, and so on.

Additionally, standard beer glasses and bottles sweat externally; that can moist and damage furniture, upholstery, paperwork, etc. Easy & Cool mugs are made of a dual wall that inhibits outward perspiration, preserving the exterior wall dry.

 No sweat, no issues.

Get yours now, by visiting their webite:http://www.easy-and-cool.com/easy-and-cool-the-best-beer-glasses-and-mugs or Check them on Facebook at Cool Beer Mugs

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

No beer for Oktoberfest? Utah board gets tough on liquor permits

Courtesy file photo Snowbird may not be able to secure a liquor permit for its annual Oktoberfest now that the state liquor commission is getting tougher about approving single-event liquor permits to businesses.

No beer for Oktoberfest? Utah board gets tough on liquor permits
Alcohol permits » Four-decade Snowbird tradition is at risk of having to go on without beer and wine.

By Kathy Stephenson

| The Salt Lake Tribune

First Published May 27 2014 03:58 pm • Last Updated May 28 2014 10:57 am

Fans of Snowbird Ski Resort's annual Oktoberfest will be able to enjoy a German bratwurst, but maybe not a mug of Hefeweizen, now that the state liquor commission is getting tough about granting single-event permits to businesses.

"We're trying to send a signal that we are tightening up and we are reluctant to grant [single-event permits] to for-profit organizations," David Gladwell, chairman of the state liquor commission, said Tuesday during the board's monthly meeting. "For those who have applied in the past, this is a change of direction and one that is probably unsettling."

Liquor in Utah

USA Today once called Utah's liquor laws "the nation's most restrictive, exotic and confusing."

On Wednesday at 12:15 p.m., the DABC's Sal Petilos and Nina McDermott and Tribune reporter Kathy Stephenson join Jennifer Napier-Pearce to discuss what's legal, what's not and recent policy changes that could affect how, when and where you can get a drink.

You can join the discussion by sending questions and comments to the hashtag #TribTalk on Twitter and Google+. You can also text comments to 801-609-8059.

Bob Bonar, general manager for Snowbird, said resort officials were caught off guard last week when they learned that the Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (UDABC) might not approve a special-event permit for its sixth annual Father's Day Brewfest scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, June 14 and 15.

"That's tough for a business to take two weeks ahead of the event," Bonar told the board, especially since in previous years the permits were granted quickly and without question.

Under state law, single-event permits allow beer, wine and spirits to be served ­at one-time community and civic events. Groups and businesses are allowed up to 12 special-event permits per year.

After a long discussion, the liquor board granted the single-event permit for the Brewfest, but warned it might not do so for Oktoberfest, which runs Saturdays and Sundays from Aug. 16 through Oct. 12.

After the meeting, Bonar said the resort will try to work out a plan with the UDABC staff so that liquor can be served at Oktoberfest, a fixture at Snowbird for more than four decades.

"Not having a liquor permit for Oktoberfest would hurt a lot," Bonar said. "It's the second best thing we do after powder skiing."

The situation is an example of just how complicated Utah's liquor laws can be as Snowbird already holds 19 state liquor licenses for all its restaurants and bars. However, none of those licenses allows for booze in the outdoor area where Oktoberfest is held, Bonar said.

In recent months, the UDABC has been making all single-event requests pass a two-part litmus test that Executive Director Sal Petilos and the board say better follows the intent of state law.

Source: http://www.sltrib.com/sltrib/entertainment2/57993745-223/event-liquor-permits-oktoberfest.html.csp

No Beer in Heaven

A POPULAR drinking song tweets mortals that "in heaven there is no beer."

In its absence it is my hope that there will be wine instead. If the people do not have bread, give them cake, the queen issued an edict.

For us imbibing believers who trust in God's word, the possibility of tasting wine in heaven's gate may happen upon our arrival.

We know surely of His promise 'to prepare a place for you ... and to receive you myself." (John 14:3).

This divine hospitality, I surmise, may take the form of a welcome drink. While special guests to earthly mansions are offered a choice of their favorite drink, the heavenly house with many mansions will not lack an equivalent amenity.

In all probability it is good old fashion biblical wine. In the final destination of the "saved", from every generation since the tribes of Abraham to the humble cabalen in our barangay, every arrival is celebrated as in a family gathering.

In that celestial gathering, I envision a welcome drink to the weary traveller, probably a glass of vintage wine that gospel narratives had trended eons of years ago. No mixed drinks, please.

Celebratory wine as in the marriage in Cana or in the Last Supper is a sacramental reality. In bible stories we learn of the Lord's attendance in fraternal banquets, fellowship meetings, and miracle healing sessions.

If the apostles were admonished to share in His trials for "drinking the cup" (Mark 10:39) on earth, it is possible that we could share from the drink divine.

At the Last Supper, in fact, Jesus instructed the apostles to commemorate His sacrifice by the use of bread and wine, "Keep doing this in remembrance of me" (Luke 22:19). Doesn't the Lord's Prayer mention His will be done on earth as it is heaven? It is not improbable that wine exists in both loci.

Reverend imbibers like the multi awarded Rico Guilas, Pampanga district engineer and political analyst, are hopeful and believe in the possibility that wine exists in the next life.

Yes, in heaven there is no beer. But our cabalen drinkers should not abandon all hope for a festive drink at least. They could intone a biblical supplication: "Gino, ala nang alak" with miraculous result.

"Ask and it shall be given," is another statute to support the bizarre hypothesis. To non-drinkers, this is no big deal.

But to Engr. RG and company, all they have to do is ask for a welcome drink if they want to. It shall be given.

A caveat to the House guests is to avoid abusing the hospitality of the Master. Most drinkers are not content with one drink. Our cabalen are used to order "one for every road" on the way home even after getting soused at Clark's famous Binulo tourist restaurant.


Source: http://www.sunstar.com.ph/pampanga/opinion/2014/05/25/mercado-no-beer-heaven-344666

Hungarian brewery wins Kentucky beer competition

Hungarian brewery wins Kentucky beer competition

Tiny brewery of northeastern Hungary has been awarded with first place at the Alltech Commonwealth Craft Beer Cup, the first professional beer competition in Kentucky. The victorious beer was a Christmas ale of Zip's Brewhouse in Miskolc, Hungary. The small Hungarian brewery is owned and operated by Zip Technologies, a brewery equipment supplier.

On behalf of brewer József Túróczi, Levente Gáti accepted the award from Pearse Lyons, the president of Alltech. Thirty countries competed at the competition with more than 1,000 beers. The event drew 41 national and local craft breweries with approximately 4,500 beer enthusiasts.

Zip's Christmas 2013 beer was described by the judges as a "heavily spiced ale balanced with a malty sweetness, creating an ideal Christmas beer." The brew boasted cinnamon, ginger, star anise, curacao, nutmeg, lemon peel, among other spices.

The successful reception of the second annual international Dublin Craft Beer Cup in Ireland in February made Alltech decide to hold the competition at home in Bluegrass. The top breweries received gold, silver and bronze medals. In total, breweries were granted 45 bronze, 36 silver, and six gold medals.

Source: http://www.bbj.hu/business/hungarian-brewery-wins-kentucky-beer-competition_80108

Beck’s beer uses interactive electronics poster for music promotion

The New Zealand arm of the beer brand Beck's has deployed the first on-street interactive electronic poster to support an ongoing music themed promotion campaign.

Across New Zealand Music Month, which runs in May, a series of the posters have been put up in cities across the country. These include printed touch sensors and conductive circuits linked to speakers which play songs by contemporary New Zealand bands like the Phoenix Foundation and Super Villains (RMC). Fans can download a smartphone app to customise the audio output of the posters.

A video showing the poster is shown below. It is the creation of local advertising agency Shine. The posters represent the first public use of technology that was first demonstrated by UK firm Novalia in 2012.

By John Nelson, follow John on Google+

Source: http://www.plusplasticelectronics.com/PublishingMedia/becks-beer-uses-interactive-electronics-poster-for-music-promotion-112430.aspx

Duff Beer launches in Sydney

Sydneysiders are coming out in droves for their chance to sample Homer Simpson's favourite brew following the launch of the official Duff Beer last week.

Duff Beer will be available on tap for a strictly limited time at the Duff Beer Tavern pop-up bar, which takes its inspiration from Homer Simpson's favourite dive bar, Moe's Tavern.

The official VIP launch took place last Wednesday, with the crowd getting stuck into cold cans of Duff and chowing down on hot dogs, burgers and donuts. 

Released exclusively in Australia, this is the first time that Duff Beer has been officially endorsed by 20th Century Fox, despite numerous versions of Duff being released over the years. [continues below]

Woolworths and its private liquor brands division, Pinnacle Liquor Group, is behind the launch, with Duff Beer to be available exclusively through Dan Murphy's and BWS from this Wednesday, 28 May.

Duff Beer will retail for $17 per six-pack and $45 per case.

The Duff Beer pop-up tavern at the Woolloomooloo Bay Hotel is open from 5pm to 11pm every night this week, with the last beers to be poured on Friday.

Source: http://www.theshout.com.au/2014/05/26/article/Duff-Beer-launches-in-Sydney/YKWUQNTXWM.html

Dirty shirt, beer bottle and missing phone help Navi Mumbai police solve murder

NAVI MUMBAI: Two men, Sunil and Jitendra Yadav, have been arrested for allegedly murdering a 16-year-old youth in Belapur.

The victim, Vijay Nadar, had his head and face smashed beyond recognition on February 15, on a Belapur hillock behind Khushbu Nursery. The only two clues that the police could find from the crime scene were an empty beer bottle and the clothes worn by the victim.

The police traced the bottle to a store in Koparkhairane but the owner and manager could not give an accurate description. The tailor who made the shirt could not identify the victim either. But his neighbours, however, did. After learning his identity, the cops realized Nadar was a historysheeter and tried to find his phone.

The phone was with a taxi driver, who said it was sold to him by the Yadavs.

The Yadavs, informants told them, were in UP but no one had their address. The police managed to obtain their numbers and started monitoring their phone calls. Soon, they tracked their location and arrested them.

On interrogation, the duo confessed to the murder. "They thought that they would get away with the crime as Nadar was despised in his area and no one would miss him," said an officer, who was part of the investigation team.

source: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/navi-mumbai/Dirty-shirt-beer-bottle-and-missing-phone-help-Navi-Mumbai-police-solve-murder/articleshow/35609777.cms?