Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A Bulgarian Beer that produces Breast Augmentation

According to the Austrian Times in its online edition, there is a drink in Bulgaria quite similar to a beer that increases the size of the breast.

Is it possible that consuming a type of beer may increase your bust in one or two sizes?

At first, the drink made with wheat flour and brewer's yeast was developed ​​to help new mothers who had difficulty breastfeeding their babies, but the fact is that many women started to contact the company that manufactures this beverage known as “Bohza”, to report that they had noticed considerable changes in the size of their breasts.

"We have hundreds of testimonials from women who say that her breasts have increased one or two sizes," said Kristian Gyosheve the company’s spokesman to the Austrian Times. However, the spokesman also recognizes that by no means the company is promoting the product by its qualities to increase bust size.

Would this mean that some women might say goodbye to breast augmentation surgery with a pint of this type of drink? "It is natural, healthy, fun and cheaper than plastic surgery," explains Gyosheve.

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