Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A company makes cheese with stout

The new product is called Forge and its name comes from a type of coal mined in Ogassa, Spain.

Ogassa, Spain
Ribera d' Urgellet . ( ACN ) - . Formatges de l' Abadessa d' Adrall created a cheese made with stout named Minera de Sant Joan de les Abadesses.

Its creator , Judith Carreira explains the Fragua , as the new product is called , is the result of the  combined work of  cheese artisans and beer brewers.

According to Carreira , brewers asked to create a product with their beer  to deliver more value and  aim for market diversification.

"I liked the challenge ," she added . Fragua  is made from the cheese Ros d' Eroles, which comes from Mas d' Eroles , the dairy company where Carreira works , and its name comes from the type of coal mined in Ogassa.

The young cheese Ros d' Eroles, with only 15 days of ripening, receives baths of Minera stout for a month ," says Carreira . This is the key to create the new cheese made ​​with stout.

When the cheese is washed with beer inhibits the creation of skin fungus, so the yeast can act on the two products.
One of the leaders of Minera Beer , Jordi Marse , stresses that his beer retains all the yeast because " it has not been pasteurized or filtered ." "This yeast act on the cheese, modifying the color and  the taste of it .

In this sense, Carreira said that  the resulting cheese is a very balanced , tender, with a unique dark brown color with just the right amount of sweetness and saltiness.

The name of the cheese Fragua is in honor of the type of coal that is extracted in Ogassa .

The marketing has recently begun and the product is being introduced in the Pyrenees around the area of Ripoll├Ęs where the beer is best known.

 Marse explains that customers who buy this beer have already shown interest in this new product. "We are in early stages of marketing, but so far has been very well received”. 

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