Tuesday, June 10, 2014

No Beer in Heaven

A POPULAR drinking song tweets mortals that "in heaven there is no beer."

In its absence it is my hope that there will be wine instead. If the people do not have bread, give them cake, the queen issued an edict.

For us imbibing believers who trust in God's word, the possibility of tasting wine in heaven's gate may happen upon our arrival.

We know surely of His promise 'to prepare a place for you ... and to receive you myself." (John 14:3).

This divine hospitality, I surmise, may take the form of a welcome drink. While special guests to earthly mansions are offered a choice of their favorite drink, the heavenly house with many mansions will not lack an equivalent amenity.

In all probability it is good old fashion biblical wine. In the final destination of the "saved", from every generation since the tribes of Abraham to the humble cabalen in our barangay, every arrival is celebrated as in a family gathering.

In that celestial gathering, I envision a welcome drink to the weary traveller, probably a glass of vintage wine that gospel narratives had trended eons of years ago. No mixed drinks, please.

Celebratory wine as in the marriage in Cana or in the Last Supper is a sacramental reality. In bible stories we learn of the Lord's attendance in fraternal banquets, fellowship meetings, and miracle healing sessions.

If the apostles were admonished to share in His trials for "drinking the cup" (Mark 10:39) on earth, it is possible that we could share from the drink divine.

At the Last Supper, in fact, Jesus instructed the apostles to commemorate His sacrifice by the use of bread and wine, "Keep doing this in remembrance of me" (Luke 22:19). Doesn't the Lord's Prayer mention His will be done on earth as it is heaven? It is not improbable that wine exists in both loci.

Reverend imbibers like the multi awarded Rico Guilas, Pampanga district engineer and political analyst, are hopeful and believe in the possibility that wine exists in the next life.

Yes, in heaven there is no beer. But our cabalen drinkers should not abandon all hope for a festive drink at least. They could intone a biblical supplication: "Gino, ala nang alak" with miraculous result.

"Ask and it shall be given," is another statute to support the bizarre hypothesis. To non-drinkers, this is no big deal.

But to Engr. RG and company, all they have to do is ask for a welcome drink if they want to. It shall be given.

A caveat to the House guests is to avoid abusing the hospitality of the Master. Most drinkers are not content with one drink. Our cabalen are used to order "one for every road" on the way home even after getting soused at Clark's famous Binulo tourist restaurant.


Source: http://www.sunstar.com.ph/pampanga/opinion/2014/05/25/mercado-no-beer-heaven-344666

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