Sunday, January 19, 2014

A beer made with moon dust

Dogfish Head, a producer of high-quality beer , has a new beer of limited edition with an ingredient that is literally out of this world . The beer is called Celest -jewel -ale and is made with lunar dust.

But where can a brewery get moon dust?

 The saying goes that "having the right friends is a treasure ," or in this case moon-dust .

The Delaware company partnered with ILC Dover, a company that manufactures special suits for NASA, so they could have access to lunar meteorites. They grounded the meteorites to turn them into fine powder and immersed the dust like tea bags in rich Oktoberfest malt.

These certified “moon jewels” are composed primarily of minerals and salts that contribute to the process of fermentation by yeast and deliver a subtle but complex and earthy taste  to this traditional German style beer.

You will not have to travel into space to test the original beer, but you would have to go to the Rehoboth Beach brewery in Delaware, where it will be available for a limited time only. So you must hurry.

To compensate for travel and as an extra touch every pint of Ale Celest Jewel is wrapped in a fabric of the same material that spacesuits are made, a thoughtful detail that completes the experience of tasting a beer from the moon.

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