Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Dirty shirt, beer bottle and missing phone help Navi Mumbai police solve murder

NAVI MUMBAI: Two men, Sunil and Jitendra Yadav, have been arrested for allegedly murdering a 16-year-old youth in Belapur.

The victim, Vijay Nadar, had his head and face smashed beyond recognition on February 15, on a Belapur hillock behind Khushbu Nursery. The only two clues that the police could find from the crime scene were an empty beer bottle and the clothes worn by the victim.

The police traced the bottle to a store in Koparkhairane but the owner and manager could not give an accurate description. The tailor who made the shirt could not identify the victim either. But his neighbours, however, did. After learning his identity, the cops realized Nadar was a historysheeter and tried to find his phone.

The phone was with a taxi driver, who said it was sold to him by the Yadavs.

The Yadavs, informants told them, were in UP but no one had their address. The police managed to obtain their numbers and started monitoring their phone calls. Soon, they tracked their location and arrested them.

On interrogation, the duo confessed to the murder. "They thought that they would get away with the crime as Nadar was despised in his area and no one would miss him," said an officer, who was part of the investigation team.

source: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/navi-mumbai/Dirty-shirt-beer-bottle-and-missing-phone-help-Navi-Mumbai-police-solve-murder/articleshow/35609777.cms?

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