Tuesday, March 11, 2014

How to Avoid a Hangover

How to Avoid a Hangover

The fundamental premise: Don’t drink too much!

But if you are reading this article, you probably need more than that, right?

The Most Important Rule: Eat Before Drinking!

One of the most classic and effective ways to avoid a hangover is to eat well before and during the time alcohol is being consumed. Many times I find that even eating after the party is over also helps a lot.

If you drink on an empty stomach the alcohol will hit you faster, running the risk of getting drunk sooner than you thought, but you will also be acquiring a direct ticket to the world of hangover the next day.

A good meal is the key so that drinking does not affect you so much. Ideally, this meal should include carbohydrates and fats, as both help to slow alcohol absorption and protect our stomach from the unwanted effects.

To avoid a hangover is essential that you stay hydrated throughout the time you're drinking. Hydrate yourself with water, not alcohol.

One of the effects of alcohol on the body is to produce dehydration, that’s why the next day we die of thirst and headache.

One if the best practices is to alternate your drinks with a glass of water. You may also consider drinking one or two glasses of water before you go to sleep to help your body into better recovery.

Drinking slowly also helps you to drink less and drinking less reduces the chances of having a hangover.

As I said before, when the party is over it is advisable that you do not go to sleep with an empty stomach.

Taking for a headache before going to sleep is also very helpful.

The Secret Formula:

Now, my secret formula: Some people swear by sport drinks such as Gatorade, Powerade and so forth. However, if you already have a hangover the next day there’s nothing better than drinking a full bottle of Pedialite or any oral electrolyte solution.

You can drink 3 or 4 Gatorades and you will not get the effect of a Pedialite.

Soups are also very useful along with a full can of regular soda, and if you can have a good meal the next day, have it as soon as possible.

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