Monday, December 9, 2013

Beer, healthier than a cup of coffee. Another reason to use the best beer glasses

All indications show that beer can be healthier than a cup of coffee.

 This was confirmed by a group of Israeli researchers at Tel Aviv University , Israel.

 According to various sources collected by Russia Today, scientists have discovered that coffee can reduce life expectancy, while beer may increase it.

The reason? Caffeine seem to shorten telomeres, the ends of chromosomes, that play an important role in protection of the genome in each cell, while alcohol extends them. Telomeres are like a biological clock of the cell and shorten as the cell ages.

 When telomeres reduce too much, the cell dies. Short telomeres are associated with poor health and increased likelihood of early death.

For the first time we have identified some environmental factors that alter telomere length and have shown how they do it, said Professor Martin Kupiec.

What we have learned could contribute to the prevention and treatment of diseases, commented the expert.  The researchers say that even a cup of coffee contains enough caffeine to affect telomere length.

At the same time, the investigators determined if several environmental factors have an impact on the length of telomeres in yeast cells, and found that the temperature and pH changes have no effect.

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