Sunday, December 15, 2013

The First Beer Made in Space: Japan produced the first beer made with barley grown in space

The First Beer Made in Space.

Japan produced the first beer made with barley grown in space

Only 1,500 bottles of 330 milliliters of "Sapporo Space Barley " will be produced and sold exclusively online.

Japan's Sapporo has released a beer made with barley that was cultivated the International Space Station . The bottle costs 12 euros.

The Japanese drink Sapporo Tokyo introduced the world's first beer produced with barley cultivated in space, which will be released in limited quantities among those who request it through Internet.

Sapporo opened the application period in their site to qualify for the purchase of this innovative beer, called " Sapporo Space Barley " and they will be distribute only 1,500 bottles of 330 milliliters at a price of about 12 euros each.

" The ingredients are very limited , so unfortunately we can not sell bottles to everyone ," said Norifumi Sumiyoshi , Sapporo Breweries Group .

To make this beer the company has employed a fourth generation of barley plants grown inside the International Space Station (ISS ) since 2006 and are the result of a research project of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Okayama University ( western Japan ) .

The malt used comes entirely from barley grown in space that was previously roasted in order to give a dark color to the beer to evoke an image of cosmic space," said the Japanese company.

The new beer Sapporo, with 5 degrees of alcohol, comes in a glass bottle covered by a paper with dark blue starry background to evoke space and also allude to the company logo: a golden five-pointed star.

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