Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Best Beer Glasses and Mugs Today

What are the best beer glasses and  mugs?

You would have to agree that technology is changing everything you do in life and drinking beer is not the exception.

 Jetc Logistics has created cutting edge a cutting beer mug with a brand new technology which any beer enthusiast will love and that will enhance the experience of tasting that delicious beer.

Let me explain how they are different.

For example, Who does not really like a beer cold as opposed to warm?

Years ago, people used to put beer in a glass or drank it straight from a bottle. After some time, the beer started to get warm. Therefore, in most cases,  beer has been consumed chilled at the beginning and warmer at he end.

 Another common issue was beer oxidation. The moment a beer is open, air will get in touch with it and will start to forfeit its attributes extremely fast.

 Likewise under controlled circumstances, whenever you leave a beer open inside of the refrigerator, moments later, it will not be the same anymore.Which means your beer is typically untainted and pure at the start and oxidized or semi-oxidized towards the end.

Check this video:

The Advanced Generation Beer Mugs: Easy & Cool can preserve your beer cool for up to fifteen hours without need of energy.

Thanks to a highly effective insulating system which ensures the highest possible temperature retention.

Watch this:

They also have an automatic pressurization mechanism. The beer remains within a double stainless-steel wall, secured inside through a vacuum mechanism that inhibits the air from coming within the tumbler, minimizing the possibilities of beer oxidation.

They maintain the high quality of the beer all the time. Every time you pour a beer with an Easy and Cool mug, it’s the same as drinking the beer right coming from its source for the first time all the way until the last sip.

However there are much more advantages: In the same manner air will not come inside unless you activate the pressurization mechanism to drink out of the beer glass, water can’t get in by accident.

Pressurization Mechanism

Therefore you can utilize these  mugs in a pool, jacuzzi,beach, etc; because even when you submerge them, the water won’t come inside and the beer will stay intact.

In addition they can float even if completely loaded, so if they are dropped accidentally when fishing or on a sail boat, you may retrieve them.

Enjoy their New Commercial The Best Mug:

They can be very resistant. They are made from stainless-steel which will make them durable and quite hard to destroy.

Think what could happen if you were drinking  beer right from the bottle or through a beer glass and by accident you drop it?  It would be a total wreck!

Not only you would certainly have to clean the place, get all the glass pieces at stake of hurting yourself or step on them by accident. But you will also lose your delightful beer in that scenario.

These mugs have an anti-leakage system. Which means that unless you push a switch the beer will never get out, therefore say bye to accidental spills. That makes them great for indoor use.

Beer will not spill over important documents, electronic devices such as cell phones, iPads, laptops, and so on.

Additionally, standard beer glasses and bottles sweat externally; that can moist and damage furniture, upholstery, paperwork, etc. Easy & Cool mugs are made of a dual wall that inhibits outward perspiration, preserving the exterior wall dry.

 No sweat, no issues.

Get yours now, by visiting their webite:http://www.easy-and-cool.com/easy-and-cool-the-best-beer-glasses-and-mugs or Check them on Facebook at Cool Beer Mugs

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