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The 5 most expensive beer in the world

The 5 most expensive beer in the world


We have in our minds that beer is the cheapest type of booze and in most cases it may be.

But beer can also be a luxury product based on its quality and some brands can have a correlation with fine wines in their exclusive prices. So we searched the five beers with high prices for beer lovers:

Space Barley (barley space) : This is a "space " beer of Japanese origin , is the world's first beer made ​​with barley that has been grown in space. How? Very simple, some seeds were carried to the International Space Station in 2006 as part of an investigation conducted by the Russian Academy of Sciences and Okayama University , Sapporo.

The seeds spent five months aboard the station and the aim was to meet the adaptability and life cycle of barley to zero gravity. This beer all is astronomical, as it has a price ranging from $ 19 per bottle.

Pabst Blue Ribbon 1844: 

This brand is positioned as a luxury , because the bottle cap has screw top and is covered by a snap-off plastic casing labeling that is difficult to make because the bottle is black and the base of the neck with an indication of the year of manufacture is ink. This beer is only sold in Chin with a very special taste, slightly bitter citric bark , hints of concentrated apple juice and cherry notes. Its color? A caramel malt and it sells for around $ 44 per bottle.


Tutankhamun Ale : no , it's not a beer from the Middle East, is crafted in a laboratory in the university of Cambridge. The name is given by its creator, the archaeologist Barry Kemp who in 1990 discovered the recipe in the Sun Temple of Queen Nefertiti.

Why that name? The recipe was found in a brewery inside a temple built by King Akenhaten , Tut 's predecessor , and was given the name of the queen 's stepson , King Tut . The price ranges from 52 to $ 70 a bottle, this beer only produced a total of a thousand bottles although some of them were auctioned for $ 500.

BrewDog Sink the Bismarck : 

Scottish origin , belongs to the category of beer BrewDog, with around 41 % alcohol in it.

It has a golden amber that contains four times the hops and four times the bitterness to reach 41 % alcohol. This means that its aroma is resinous and spicy. The price of $ 80 is normal for these beer makers, who have chosen to put a cap which can offer the opportunity to taste it several times.

Crown Ambassador:   
 This beer is crafted by Australia's Carlton & United and it could deceive you by the appearance, not a wine though it may seem by the bottle in which it is presented. It has a deep color, carbonated and covered with a creamy head. 

It has a different flavor from the rest, which reminds us beer Malta , caramelized but with a bitter taste. Priced at $ 90 per 75 cl per bottle , this beer is reserved for the finest pockets.

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