Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Beck’s beer uses interactive electronics poster for music promotion

The New Zealand arm of the beer brand Beck's has deployed the first on-street interactive electronic poster to support an ongoing music themed promotion campaign.

Across New Zealand Music Month, which runs in May, a series of the posters have been put up in cities across the country. These include printed touch sensors and conductive circuits linked to speakers which play songs by contemporary New Zealand bands like the Phoenix Foundation and Super Villains (RMC). Fans can download a smartphone app to customise the audio output of the posters.

A video showing the poster is shown below. It is the creation of local advertising agency Shine. The posters represent the first public use of technology that was first demonstrated by UK firm Novalia in 2012.

By John Nelson, follow John on Google+

Source: http://www.plusplasticelectronics.com/PublishingMedia/becks-beer-uses-interactive-electronics-poster-for-music-promotion-112430.aspx

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