Thursday, January 16, 2014

Three People Survive a Shipwreck By Holding onto a Case Full of Beer

RIO DE JANEIRO:3  Brazilians were saved from drowning after a shipwreck off the coast a few miles from Rio De Janeiro by clinging to the top of an isothermal box full of beer, officials said.

The accident occurred on Tuesday in the southern coast of the state of Alagoas in Brazil , 2 miles from the coast, across to the municipality of Barra de São Miguel, as reported by the Air Support Center in the region.

The three castaways, two women and a man, held to the top of the case of beer, made of Styrofoam, and floated adrift  for a few hours according to various sources, until they were rescued by a helicopter from the militarized Police which was doing a routine patrol.

Two ships that were passing by, one of a fisherman, assisted in the rescue of the castaways, who did not need to be hospitalized because they didn't present severe injuries.

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