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How to make beer cold fast

When people think about how to make beer cold fast, they usually grab a can and put it in the freezer, without knowing that it takes 25 MINUTES to get it cold with this method.

I am going to discuss several methods here, some which really blew my mind as I was doing research to write this article.

But whatever you do, never do this sacrilege:

I have always been a big fan on Mythbusters. If you are not familiar with the TV show, what they do is to take urban myths and put them to the test (scientifically).

That’s exactly what they did in an episode where they tested different methods on how to chill beer fast.

You can watch the episode here: 
I recommend you to start at minute 5, that’s when the meat starts

Part 2:

To summarize, this is what they did:

The first method was to fire a liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) fire extinguisher to a beer can, and in a matter of 2 to 3 minutes they had beer at 37F. 

A method that works but obviously not cost effective.

Then they made a comparison by putting a beer can in the following environments:

1-     Ice only
2-     Ice and Water
3-     Ice + water + salt
4-     Freezer
5-     In the fridge

And the winner was….

 After putting the beer in those environments, this is how long it tool to achieve the desired temperature of 37 degrees F

Fridge: >40 minutes

Ice only: 30 minutes

Freezer: 25 Minutes

Ice and Water: 15 minutes

Ice + Water + Salt: 5 minutes

However, I have to clarify that they did not measure the temperature before 5 minutes.

I found sources stating that it only takes 3 minutes to get the beer cold with ice, salt and water.

We can talk about the science content of it, but I am not going to bore you with it, just know that such combination lowers the freezing point of the water.

Now let’s get know to the freaky stuff.

Ready for less than 3 minutes?  Watch this:


That method is hilarious. How can someone come up with that?

Well, you can definitively have your beer cold in 45 seconds. However, it has a disadvantage. If you need to cool a six pack, it will take you at least 6 minutes (counting the set up time) to cool the whole six pack.

That is why I still prefer the salt, water and ice method; as for larger amount of beer is faster and less labor intensive (ok, I am just lazy).

On the other hand, it seems some guys knew the trick and found a fancy way to make the same in Europe and call it the V-Tech Technology.

Watch it here:


Another Method: The Wet Paper Towel


I have found in several forums people swearing about this method to cool the beers down. It consists on wrapping the beer in a wet paper towel and place it in the freezer.  It seems to be practical and efficacious, however I have not found serious evidence about how long it takes to cool the beer with this method and to what temperature.

I am going to do a follow up post with my own testing of this method to see how long really takes to take a beer from room temperature to the ideal temp.


How to Keep Your Beer Cold

You can choose from all those methods the best way to make your beer cold, but now, how do you KEEP BEER COLD to the last sip?
Trust me. There are better ways...

Another breakthrough in technology can assist us with that, and they are the advanced generation beer mugs Easy and Cool.

These are some of the benefits the deliver:

-         They can keep the beer cold for up to 15 hours. Ideal for outdoors and when you want s steady cold temperature of your beer to the last sip.
-         They reduce oxidation. They have a pressurized system that keeps all the properties of your beer. It‘s almost like have you beer unopened in the can or bottle until the end.
-         Anti-leak: They have an anti spill mechanism, so you don’t waste your delicious beer, damage electronic devices or furniture.
-          Unbreakable: Forget about glass breaking if you drop your beer. They are made of solid stainless steel.

If you want to learn more watch this video:


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