Thursday, March 13, 2014

Increase the Revenue of your Beer Business

Make more money satisfying your customers who love beer

Be it that you manage a liquor business, growler station, a brewery, or some other beer related business, the following article may provide you a different apporach to increase the income stream for your company, produce  more profits and diversify what you provide to your customers.

Why not to bring another option to generate cash for your business with great ease and no hassles?

You can do this by offering a new, cutting edge solution with a brand new technology that any beer lover is going to enjoy and that will certainly enhance the experience of drinking that tasty beer for them.

As a matter of fact, you are currently delivering value to people who love beer, but now you will be able to deliver a product that complete and boost their experience.

This particular device provides numerous advantages:

It is not perishable, it does not expire or spoil, very easy to store and display to your consumers, it will require no refrigeration or electrical power usage, it is unbreakable, safe and environmentally friendly.

 It is really inexpensive. Its full price  it’s just 20 us dollars.
That’s the standard price tag of an 18 beer pack, hence your buyers can certainly afford it.

It solves problems for your customers

Here is an example:

Who doesn’t prefer a beer cold as opposed to warm? 

In the past, people used to serve beer in a mug or sipped it right out of the bottle. After awhile, the beer started to become warm.

 So generally speaking, the beer had been always cold at the beginning and warmer towards the end.

Another common challenge has been beer oxidation.

After a beer is open, air comes in contact with it and the drink starts to lose its attributes quickly. Even under a controlled environment. If you leave a beer open inside the fridge, a while later, it would not have the same properties any longer.

That means your beer is typically untainted and pure at the beginning and oxidized or semi-oxidized afterwards.

But, what is this product?

I am talking about the Advanced Generation Beer Glasses: Easy & Cool.

These glasses can easily keep your beer chilled for as much as 15 hours without any use of energy.  Thanks to a highly effective insulating mechanism which ensures optimum temperature preservation.

They incorporate an internal automatic pressurization system so that the beer remains within a double stainless steel shield, safeguarded within a vacuum mechanism that prevents the air flow from coming within the mug, decreasing the possibilities of beer oxidation.

It always maintains the level of quality of the beer. Every time you serve a beer on an Easy and Cool mug, you will be enjoying all the beer quality to the last sip.

But there are more advantages

 Just like air will not get inside except when you activate the pressurization mechanism to drink from the beer glass, water cannot come in by chance.

 For that reason you can use these kinds of beer mugs within a swimming pool, beach, jacuzzi, etc; given that even in the event you immerse them, the water cannot come in and your beer will remain unchanged.

Moreover they will float even if completely loaded, so if they were dropped unintentionally while fishing or on a sail boat, you may recuperate them.

They are really quite resistant.

Think about what could take place in case you are drinking your beer straight from the bottle or with a beer glass and accidentally you drop it?

 It could be a true wreck!

Not only you will have to clean the place, collect all the glass pieces in jeopardy of hurting yourself or step on it by mistake. 

You will also lose your tasty beer in that scenario!

 Easy & Cool mugs prevent this  too. 

They are made of stainless steel what will make them durable and really hard to destroy. They have an anti spill mechanism. Which means that unless you push a button, the beer is not going to get out, so say bye to accidental leaks.

This makes them ideal for indoor use. Your Beer will never leak on crucial documents, electronic devices such as cell phones, tablets, computers, and so on.

 In addition, traditional beer mugs and bottles perspire on the surface; which can wet and ruin furniture, upholstery, documents, etc.

 Easy and Cool mugs are composed of a double wall that prevents outward sweat, keeping the exterior wall free of moisture. 

No sweating, no headaches

Don't put it off!

Add Easy & Cool to your arsenal now and make them accessible to your customers so you will boost their  beer experience, make them more satisfied,  re enforce your image as the authority who is at all times knowledgeable regarding to what is emerging and needless to say bring such extra income to your organization

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