Sunday, October 27, 2013

Best Beer Glasses

The Best Beer Glasses: The Secret Every Beer Lover Have to Know

If you happen to be trying to find the very best beer insulated mug, I currently have the right information for your needs listed here. I must confess that I love cool beer.. 

 Last summer I went to Germany and noticed how they consumed warm beer in a park. Which will not be me. I adore to experience the chilled beer and consume it like that. Although this can be a problem in particular conditions for example staying outside in a very warm environment. Although I have now just the perfect solution for your needs.

I  came across some cutting edge beer mugs called Easy & Cool that can maintain your beer chilled for FIFTEEN hours.

Yes it's true: for FIFTEEN hours. I tested my mug around the summer months while I travelled to the Key West in a morning which had been above 100 degrees °F; and I need to acknowledge that I ended up being quite impressed by this particular beer mug.

 While my buddies ended up consuming warmer beer just as the People from Germany I was drinking my beer totally cool at all instances. However that is not all. I could bring the beer mug inside the ocean, sink it  down with me and the salty water could not enter in any way and my beer continued to be unaltered.

So how was this plausible?

Firstly, these beer mugs are composed of a dual stainless-steel structure which deliver  insulation a feature extremely valuable to  the desired temperature. They at the same time are different from many other beer mugs in the cover.

 They possess a double infusion of a material similar to silicon that boosts insulation and help you to have a much better grip.

 The lid also includes an anti- spill system, which maintains the inside pressurized and reduce the chances of  unintended spills that could harm electronic gadgets. You can only sip the beer any time you touch the button which I love, since that makes these beer mugs sort of child-proof .

This kind of insulation also inhibits the external wall sweating, which often could possibly damage home furniture , documents, and so on; in the office.

 This is  an issue that goes on often by using beer mugs, tumblers, bottles, and so forth; not with Easy & Cool.

 An additional great aspect for outside utilization is that they float even in the event that they are full.

 This is certainly great for the beach, pool area, fishing, lake and several other outdoor hobbies. I can not really be more happy with my investment, in fact I am getting one more one for my niece who also really likes camping outdoors.

 You might check out their website at I heard they are looking for resellers because their tem is pretty new.You can also check their Facebook Page at: Best Beer Glasses

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